Definitive closure for “Blancs Bois” and “Two Ourthes” bivouacs (Houffalize)

01 Mar 2021

The commune of Houffalize has decided to close all the bivouacs on its territory because of “the incivilities encountered which are causing increasing management difficulties to the detriment of real hikers”.

It is with regret and sadness that we are relaying this decision, which is beyond our control. Since 2015, we have been trying to bring this new concept to a successful conclusion on the territory of the Two Ourths Natural Park by multiplying meetings with the various stakeholders and finding solutions to mitigate the effects caused…

Alternatives to the bivouacs: see initiatives like “Welcome to my garden” and “Bivouac chez moi“.

For information, the bivouacs of Golet (Sainte-Ode) and Gives (Bertogne) are not concerned and remain open for the time being.

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‼Caution flooding‼💦
We would like to inform you that there is a flood between Weiler and Hoffelt on the Luxembourg side of the Escapardenne Eislek Trail and that there is unfortunately no possibility of deviation. We hope that your feet will stay dry. 😊