Closing bivouac area “Tailles”

27 Jul 2020

In view of the large number of incidents in this bivouac (presence of partygoers,, many cars parked near the site and presence of waste, …) and despite the preventive actions undertaken, it must be noted that the situation is not improving or even deteriorating…  … By order of the mayor, it has been decided to close the Les Tailles bivouac area in Colas indefinitely.

Alternatives to the Les Tailles bivouac:

  • For hikers : see the initiatives like “Welcome to my garden” and “Bivouac chez moi“.
  • For campers with a vehicle, there are some campsites nearby: Panorama Camping Petite Suisse (Dochamps), Euro Camping (Lamorménil), Camping du moulin de Malempré or Camping des 3 Sarts (Petit-Sart), Camping du viaduc (Houffalize).

Eislek & Lee Trail – New topographic map

02 Jul 2020

Now available – New topographic map with 2 hiking trails: Lee & Eislek Trail