Closing bivouac Engreux

03 Jul 2018

Following nuisances at the bivouac Engreux, in consultation with the town of Houffalize and the Department of Nature and Forestry, it was decided to permanently close the bivouac (from 3 july 2018)!

Occupied by non-hikers disrespectful of the site and residents, this situation could’nt continue.

We are disappointed to deprive the real hikers because of the lack of citizenship and education of a handful of people. This is why a reflection is currently underway for an alternative site (inaccessible by car). More info soon.

Meanwhile, for those who wish to camp in Engreux, there is the campsite “Au bout du monde” with a special price for “Trekker”:

© Luc Selleslagh


New passage through the natural site`Hérou`

06 Jun 2018

From the 15th of June, the Eislek Trail near Nadrin has a different way course.

The unique natural site “Le Hérou” is integrated! 

New way course end of stage 4:
Before joining Ollomont village, take the GR path on the left and go down to the Ourthe valley.
A last effort to reach the end, just a step away from the mythical site of Hérou.

Start of stage 5: Descend on the rocky path along the ridge of Herou to reach the Ourthe.
Go along the valley and go up to the place called “Les Ondes”. Climb on the slope by a narrow path and reach the plateau.
A deviation is signposted between Nisramont and Nadrin via Filly (in case of bad weather or to avoid this steep section).