Quality Label

10 Feb 2017

The Escapardenne Lee Trail is certified.

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The 53km of the Escapardenne Lee Trail have been written up according to a system of quality criteria, the “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe”. This hiking route labelling system, applicable throughout Europe, has been created by the European Ramblers’ Association (FERP) together with the “Deutsche Wanderverband Service GmbH” (company name of the German Ramblers’ Association).

This system of criteria analyses the whole length of the hiking route and allows the attractiveness thereof to be measured. The paths taken must fulfil a certain number of criteria in terms of surface type, facilities, environment and discovery which guarantee their quality.

Some standard criteria for the whole route:

  • a minimum of 35% natural paths;
  • a maximum of 3% busy roads;
  • at least 2 changes in scenery in every 8km stretch;
  • at least 4 attractions (man-made, natural, scenic) every 8km;
  • at least 2 daily connections of public transport at the beginning and end of the route;
  • possibility of reservation of a baggage transport service with a local company.

Therefore, the paths included in the Trail are of outstanding quality, allowing you to set off in discovery of natural places of interest and unmissable sites in terms of man-made and historical heritage, along a signposted route with accommodation available for each stage.