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20 Dec 2012

Heritage of the Belgo-Luxembourg Ardennes

Archeological, environmental, natural or cultural – heritage merely represents a “common inheritance”.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the components of the Ardennes in the broadest sense of the term (from France to Germany via Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) can be said to be blessed with a rich and often undervalued heritage.

Our field of action is located in the midst of the Ardennes.

Located to the south and east of Wallonia and in the Oesling region to the north of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the central Ardennes is close to 600 metres high and the plateau topography is regularly cut through with deep valleys (the eastern river area of the Ourthe, the western river area of the Ourthe, Clerve, Wiltz and their tributaries).

Arduinna may find its origin in the Gallic ‘Arduo’, meaning ‘heights’ but other sources say the word comes from the Celtic ‘Ar Duen’, meaning ‘the dark one’. .

What is still certain is that this “Ardennes forest” (arduennam silvam) was referred to by Julius Cesar in the Gallic War as being “the biggest one in all of Gaul”! The main characteristic of this region undoubtedly continues to be the all-pervasive presence of the forest.

Lets all set off together to discover the Ardennes heritage …